October 1st, 2010

cameron: crazytown

Charley Project

So surfing ONTD while I've got 3 hours to kill at the school lab unearths some crazy shit, and some really sad stuff.

Enter the Charley Project which I found linked in one of the OT comments about all these people who've gone missing and for whom the police have stopped looking for. I think the words "was never seen again," makes one of the saddest, most hopeless phrases ever.

p.s. $500 for the anniversary Tim Burton/Danny Elfman musical box set? I can see the shrines built to this thing now...

p.s.2 For all the boyfriends out there.

p.s.3. "Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom sequel, Love Never Dies, was previously announced to play the Neil Simon." WHAT WHAAAAAT? I heard nothing of this!!!!
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