December 12th, 2010

christmastime britney

Let's play catch up

'Cause heaven knows I haven't been around to keep things caught up. So first things first: FF Distant Worlds? SO. BEAUTIFUL. And Nobuo? TOO CUTE. Seriously, his excited little bouncing in the choir during the encore? Priceless.

The boyfriend also bought me a new phone! :D It makes! me! so! gleeful! Because, you see, the old phone was having its problems. It's oh-you-want-to-access-a-contact-please-wait-2-minutes-oh-wait-I-got-bored-and-took-you-back-to-home-screen. Not to mention accidental data charges, inability to call/text... yeah. :D This phone woooooooooorks. And it's so pretty. And can do so many things. It's like a whole new world just opened up to me. <3

And last but not least... shirt! :D It's been here for a while now and I've worn it a couple times (the straps are kinda meh, they don't really do much and the shirt keeps sagging in front a lot) but I haven't yet been able to take a decent picture without the recon on the front almost invisible. And now I have. Hurrah!

Front and back. To note: taking a picture of your back is ridiculously difficult when there is no one else in the house to help you with that. Were these taken in my bathroom? Hellz yes.

The things I can do when work doesn't want me. ;p And bonus pic, makeup for the day. Who says I can only do Trampy McTranny face?

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