January 8th, 2011

gaming, console love



So I've been having mad crashing problems playing games on Envy and for a month or two I'd been determined to buy a new desktop. Well, come Boxing Day, the boyfriend and I trekked out to Canada Computers where we slipped and slid our way around a crazy icy parking lot, stood outside for a while, and then proceeded to buy enough stuff to warrant an express trip to the checkout at the back. Hellz yeah.

In summary, $1200 netted me this.

After the boyfriend fought for an hour or two to switch out his power source (and graphics card, but really it was the power source that made things difficult), we started on putting together my baby. And I had a hand in it. Yeah, Miss Klutz Attack took one for the team. :D

So if it falls apart six months. It's because I make a bad case of screwing.

...er. Well. You know what I mean.

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End result? Forgive the ridiculous mess, I've still been figuring out what goes where and how and what to do with all that extra whatever. ^^;

Can I say hell yeah? HELL. FREAKING. YES.