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Once in a while, real life does both suck and blow

Sigh. Life. Always catches up sooner or later.

Got that damned report card I've been dreading. Eek. Not good. So not good. My frequent obsessing over multiple-fandom-related things (multiple in that I have multiple fandoms as well as multiple things to do in each fandom... oO) hasn't helped much either. *wince* I'll have to work on that.

And... *grumble* Don't like class again. Knew it was coming. But going back to school sucks. Wanna sleep. Can't sleep now.

Bath maybe. Yes. Bath sounds good. Then possibly some fanfic--I mean homework. Yes, homework. ^^;;

On a completely off-topic tangent, *points to post title* How would one take that I wonder? Would it mean life really sucks, because of the continued comments of "that sucks" or "yeah, that really blows" so combined, it would mean really really sucks? Or, would you take it entirely in a more sex-related way (as I know most of my friends do, the wonderful little hentai-minds that they are...), would it be taken as life being especially pleasurable?


Okay, I'm done. oO That's what happens when I think. It always turns out oddly. *reads what she wrote* Yes. I conclude I am really an odd little girl. oO

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