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>.< No more barbecue's of that sort for me, please...

Right. So, to wipe this god-awful night out of my memory, I proceed to summarize, then go on to more interesting things. Like memes. Which I love.

Anyway. So. My night. Went out. Met people. "Oh, meet my daughter, she's the same age as you (side note: she's a year younger than me) and you'll get along fine."

...The condescending, flaky little bitch. But impressive. Didn't think a girl her age could down four Smirnoff's in an hour and not appear to feel it.

Mmm... her older brother making out (and god knows what else) on the ping-pong table, did not go to that side of room for long time....

Was normal crazy self around the youngest kid, boy appears to idolize me now. God knows why. Discussed anime. We bonded. He r Inuyasha freak. Works out. ^^

Sat there, watched movie, grabbed food, ate stuff, walked out, drank coffee, stared at light, socialized some with adults, snatched up desserts, left. Night in a nutshell. I'd much rather be hit by a train. *says that with a completely straight face*

Anyway... meme!!

Start Time: 11:48 PM

Name:: Stephanie
Birthdate:: June 29, 1987
Age:: 17 (Yes, those NC-17 fics are now mine to read legally)
Birthplace:: Toronto, Ontario (Nothing can be more exotic than the Women's College...)
Oldest, Middle, Youngest, or Only:: Oldest.
Family:: I.... have one?
Pets:: Goldfish. Except.... they're not my goldfish. Otherwise I'd have to take the blame for their continual knack for dying. Which they do. Shamelessly.


Do you go to school:: Yes. I'm asian. We're bred for it, I think. oO
What is your highest level achieved?: 11th grade?
Religion:: Catholic. But sometimes I wonder if I'm doing a good job of it...
Do you have friends?: I should... hope so... oO
Do you like to be lonely?: Who enjoys being lonely? Being alone once in a while is nice, but not feeling lonely...


What color are your eyes?: Brown. Unless you catch me on one of those odd days where they're an odd shade of gold. Then that's just freaky.
Do you like it?: Brown? Yeah, why not?
What color eyes do you want?: I've always wanted green eyes. Or violet.
What color is your hair?: Black-brown-red. oO I don't know why. I don't dye it. It does things by itself.
Do you like it?: Sure, hair, pretty.
What color do you want?: Mmm.... black, but the ends dyed some random color. Red is nice. Or pink. (After seeing Koda Kumi's Cutey Honey PV) Or blue.
Do you dye your hair?: No
If yes, how regularly?: See above.
Do you wear glasses?: Yes. Blind by 18 the optometrist warns me. But... what's an internet addict to do? Especially one who has to study more than she can go online?
Do you have a trademark?: Er... I don't... think so? oO
How tall are you?: 5'4"
What's your heritage/nationality?: 1st generation Chinese-Canadian in my family. Well... they were from Hong Kong. While it was still under British control. So... that still makes them from China, yes? oO
Do you think you look exciting?: Exciting? No, I'm not flashy.
Are you self conscious?: I can be. And then other times, I'm just crazy and don't give a damn.
Do you obsess over your looks?: Nah... I do have an annoying tendency to find myself hating the way I look... but that usually passes and I find myself decent-looking again. ^^ I'm odd that way.
Do you even care about your appearances?: Well... yes. Shouldn't everyone? Personal hygeine enters this one I think.
How long do you spend in the bathroom?: Overall? Enough time to do the normal morning rituals (sans application of makeup 'cause I'm the sloppiest person in the world when applying it on myself) and bath time.

ABOUT LIFE... again

Punk/Goth/Ghetto/Prep/Jock/Nerd/Other(list) stereotype?: Mmmm... don't know? Can't think of one. But I blame that on my brain shutting down.
Do you pick your nose? In secret?: No. And no.
Do you like yourself? Life?: Hard to handle at times. But sure, I like me. I like who I am and how I turned out. Huge turnarounds do that to a body.
Are you liked by people?: *shrug* You tell me.
Do you want to become famous?: Why not? ^^
Do you want to make a difference in this big world?: It'd be nice to accomplish something big enough to do that.
Why?: The idea appeals.


Which celebrities do you worship in secret?: If they were secret, why would I tell?
Blues/Rock/Jazz/Classical/Pop/Urban/Country?: Everything. Literally.
Are you one of those people who diss fans of a music genre you don't like?: No.
Can you sing?: Kind of. Working on getting better. I haven't really worked at it since 9th grade, so my range has shrunk some. No more arias for me. (Not that I could really sing them without sounding thin and thready, *sigh*)
Can you act?: In everyday life, I'm a star. One can't really read someone else's eyes... which makes fooling them with your face ever so much easier. On a stage? Please. Not likely to ever see me try.
Who is your fave actor?: *pouts* Mean of you to ask me to pick only one.
Fave movie?: Hrmmm.... no, really can't think of one. Movies are like music to me... I can't ever find one I really truly hate... although Midsummer Night's Dream nearly fell into that category. *sniff* I wanted Greeks! Greeks! But nooooooo, they gave me bicycles!!!
Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC?: I recall liking both in their own time. *blinks owlishly* Honestly. I did. oO
Good Charlotte or Blink 182?: Blink 182
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?: Britney. I find her more entertaining performance-wise than Christina. I know. Question should've been my cue to start vomiting right now. But... *shrug* One really can't ask me to hate music of any sort.
Slayer or Black Sabbath?: Mmm.. will think about that, get back to you.
The Beatles or The Monkees?: Beatles. Although...
ABBA or the A*Teens?: ABBA
Guilty pleasure?: Mmmm... Jean-Claude's vampire strip club.... *blinks* Oh wait, you were talking about my guilty pleasure? Um... let's see... fanfic? *blinks again*
The Simpsons or Family Guy?: A hard choice. Family Guy.
MTV... yeah or neah?: I did watch when I still had it. I... bored myself with it at times and at others, it was passable... Can't really go either way.

Do you have a group of friends?: *nods* Well yes, they do come in groups. Wow. Come to think of it.... that's a lot of groups. oO
How many?: Groups? People? Wouldn't want to count offhand.
To an onlooker, what would your group be viewed as?: Crazy. Online and off. ^^
Who are you closest to?: (*pets fallen:rain-san at this point because of her mentions of me--smiles happily*) Um... Jess. When you've grown up with her since forever, we're bound to be close I suppose.
Who is your best friend?: Jess. Makes sense, ne? ^^
Are any of them bad influences?: *smiles* Yes. The lot of them. But I love them all for it.
Who are you in your group? The leader? The leader's bitch? The follower?: Um... I don't know, what would I be? I'm.... Steph. oO
Do you have any sexual feelings towards friends?: *blink*
Do your friends know you?: Hmm... I suppose they're getting to the point of knowing me well.


Are you single or taken?: Taken. oO Feels odd to be saying that again... I'm honestly not good at the dating game.
Are you bored?: Not usually. There's always cause for contentment in my life. And when their isn't, frustration sure as hell isn't boring.
Can you play any instruments? Which ones?: Tentatively speaking, the piano, I would mention drums but if a 12-year-old could beat me at piano, you can just guess at my level of skill with the drums.
Math or English?: Bit of both. I happen to like both. Oddness.
The Arts or Sciences?: Art. But oddly enough, sciences are interesting, even if I don't excel.
Technical or Creative?: Why not both? ^^ They're compatible.
Are you poetic?: Nope. Really. No. Don't even try to ask me.
How many babies do you want?: Er... let me think... *shrug* Dunno. I like kids. Can't decide.
Do you spend most of your time on the net?: *smiles* My baby. My precious, precious baby... *pets computer*
What do you think of your country's leader? Don't like to pay attention. No one else does, they're busy looking in on America's presidential affairs.
What kind of meat do you like to eat?: Er... the cooked kind.
What's your favourite food?: Noodles...? Can't think, can't think.
Drink?: Mango bubble tea. oO

Finished: 7:50 AM (I fell asleep midway)

...On to calculus.

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