Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

The Things Fathers Do

This weekend has been the oddest weekend. The intention was that there might be a trip out to Toronto, a party down at Pacific Mall, and a sleepover, all on Friday night. Then a lunch party on Saturday, a Physics tutoring session and my cousin over for breakfast/lunch/dinner on Sunday, and an extreme homework rush between all that.

Well, Steph did not take one step out to Toronto since the AGO field trip, Annie's mom couldn't drive us down to Pacific Mall because there was a funeral that both she and Annie had to go to, my sister and I had one of our infamous quarrels that the neighbors can all hear (and comment on) even with their windows closed and our windows closed (it has been proven, the lady across the street and down a house or two heard us last time... not a pretty scene). Then Caleb shows up to give me a present (a hairclip!), and I clean my room. It is now quite empty. But in a I'm-moving-out-even-though-I'm-not kind of way.

Then Saturday rolls around and I promise myself I'll do that homework that's been threatening to engulf me, and then my friend comes over for tutoring with my dad... and then the entire family comes over to partake of lunch. And they stay... and as you all know, it is not polite to do your homework when you should be entertaining guests. So... bye bye homework.

Then, Steph wakes up at eight on Sunday morning (which should be outlawed, no one should ever have to do that on a weekend) to do homework, does homework, writes fanfic, makes lunch, eats lunch, does some more homework. Then goes and checks on mother because she is sick. Then more fanfic, and more homework. Then dinnertime rolls around and Dad goes "Off to Wendy's!" and we "off to Wendy's"... except her turns onto the highway, drives like a maniac because there is a traffic jam. When I ask, my dad goes and says, "I'm buying you a computer."


And so I get a computer. And it's good. And I like it. But still.

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