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(Taken from laizuki, the wonderful girl that she is, I died laughing)

Anyone want a picture of Mukimpo's prescription?

For those of you that don't know, Mukimpo is Tetsu's banana. Around mid-June, Mukimpo was sick, so Tetsu took him to the doctor and got a prescription for him.
Gee, Tetchan, it seems your banana is suffering from a severe case of expiration.



...there's nothing we can do about it. -_-;; I'm sorry.

*laughs some more* Laizuki darling, I love you. That brightened up my prospect of cramming for my exam tomorrow ever so much and made it ever so much more bearable. ^_^

Oh! I have also forgotten! I drew this a while ago (both Mari and Sven can attest to this) but... Cottonball!Math has been drawn and is now being released into the wilds.

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