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^_^ All right people, I'm back!

Otakon. Was. Fabulous.

Absolutely fabulous.

The concert was fabulous. I could die happy.

And! Because I'm so nice to you all, once I get them off my camcorder... I've got a present for all of you. ^_~

Anyway. You knew it was coming.

Yes, I was deemed the navigator. Me. Who sometimes confuses left and right. In any case, I planned it all right so we got to Otakon at a time where I could still manage to register that night, go off and find a hotel, come back the next morning and get my badge stickered then head off and stand in line for the concert. I being uncertain of how many people would go, and how long it would take to get in.

Well... I got out of school, waited an hour or so for my father to come pick me up (and of course, he got lost... on a five-minute drive to said school) he eventually came, and I went home and watch my mother putter around for all those last-minute things before a trip of any sort (which took about another hour and a half) before we set off--to find a map.

Well... we got our map. And that was when my father turned around and said we were going to go and eat lunch.

(head smacked hand here)

So we whiled away another half hour or so in such a fashion.

Eventually we were off. Some driving, nothing special, I fell asleep (not a good thing for said navigator to do I suppose... ^^;; ) and then I woke up and realized that my father and mother had decided to go off and stop at an outlet mall.


This was my headlong drivedrivedrive dash to Baltimore in time you realize. They had already killed most of my plans with their delaying techniques as well as that border-crossing (not their fault that, so they can be forgiven) and they wanted to go shopping. (head smacked hand several times here)

And so we went anyway, and I had to endure several not-so-veiled hints at how slutty I was (I was looking a sleeveless shirt) before we ate something and were driving again.

(skips along the boring parts of the story) We went to a hotel, (ewwww... blocking that part out of my memory... ) and then we woke up, and then we went to the con. And stood in line for a goodly while, made friends with the people in front of us (the people behind us were bitchy, I ignored them), registered, got our badges stickered, went down to the Dealer's Room, bought things (whee!! whee!! Steph has Moon Child! among other things) then went out and stood in line for the concert.

I brought the camcorder. You realize that was just for you people. You and Caelin. ^^ But I got it in. A very amazing feat considering there were several people who were checking badges/bags. I didn't keep it in a bag even, I wrapped it up in my jacket, held it under my arm, and looked vaguely innocent fiddling with my badge and making the holographic sticker move in the sunlight. And they let me in. oO

So yes. I got (some) of that concert with me. It's not the best, I really wouldn't expect much. Since they weren't allowed in, I had to be sneaky. Which meant I couldn't actually look at what I was filming for the most part and kept it usually pointed at the lights above the stage. ^^;;

Then I reached my filming limit and couldn't film any more (my father having used up most of the tape filming cosplayers walking around... oO) and I took a few pictures. And then I put it down and just went crazy jumping up and down and punching the air and screaming. (Then again, I did that already before while I was filming... you can hear me since I was so close to the camcorder--me and the other girl behind me--and watching the picture jump up and down... ^^;;)

But yes. It was so amazing.

And the MCs! Oh my god, they spoke English, they were intelligible and I fell in love all over again.

My favorite moments...

Hyde: "Are you fucking ready?!!" (He also talked some about crabs. Bwahahaha, he can talk about what he had for lunch and still set the audience screaming)

Tetsu: "Do you want my bananas?" *flings*

Ken: *wearing odd mask that resembles a gas mask of some sort* Who am I?
Audience: *screams* Ken! (I believe it was because we recognized his pants. Or at least I did.. ^^;;)
Ken: No.
Ken: I am dolphin.
Audience: *now comprehends the odd mask and the squeaking* OHHHHH!!! *dies*

(*sobs* If only I caught them on tape!!! *wails*)

But yes. It was huge. Enormous. And... so much free stuff. @.@ It was mind-boggling.

And... as I left, I went and snatched up a stack of L'arc~en~ciel flyers. So expect me to fling many of them in your direction (should you be within visiting distance) as well as several pictures, and video files.

But of course, all this is strictly contraband. *smiles innocently*

After all that jabber, you should by now realize that I do not summarize well. But... if you stayed this long, you will know that later today, I am getting those pictures off my camcorder, into my computer and then onto the my LJ. Come see. ^_^

Unless you're overly moral and think I've done a great wrong in bringing said camcorder into the concert and will avoid said LJ entry like the plague.
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