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Steph posts... again. Damn I'm doing good. ^^

Steph went to bed last night and she fell asleep and she dreamed. I thought I'd just put it down now because it was special (or odd, whichever way you look at it) for two reasons: the first being I remembered it when I woke up, and the second being it was the first I ever had involving L'arc.

....Yes I know. I'm odd. And a dork. But yes. It was special to me. So anyway. I'm going to put it down before time can erase it from me.

Honestly I wasn't going to. But as most of you should know... I really can't trust my memory. >.< But... I read Rain-chan's post... and my jaw dropped. Because... well... you'll see.

A concert was in the near future, the surroundings buzzed with it, people rushing back and forth, milling, talking... shared excitement with people they would never otherwise speak to. I found myself wandering the buildings nearby accompanied only by a single girl, younger than me, and who's face I really could not see. This was Rain-chan, and I called her so although in my waking world I have never set eyes on her.

In any case, we passed the crowds by, we came to a building, it's signs and name blurred so that I could not see. We walked in with little difficulty--it could have been Otakon, it could have been the building the convention was in... the glass walls, the sloping stone--if it had not been empty of people. Why were we in there?

There was no answer, but we walked on anyway... and people began to appear, the place was not empty as originally thought. I relaxed... though at this point, emotions in me were dulled, and I moved mechanically.

Then I saw Ken... he turned to me, his eyes vaguely surprised. I stared at him, Rain-chan stumbled to a complete stop as we gaped. He pointed to us, people began looking, taking notice that we were there... we panicked. We simply bolted and ran. The entire scene was soundless, none of the shouting and yelling expected in such a chase scene. I merely snatched at Rain-chan's hand and we ran.

The windows were bright and blinding. They became a blur as we ran... and they only focused around me again when the sounds of pounding feet had disappeared and there was only Rain-chan and I panting and huddled near an odd ramp or staircase... they led to two doors down below and somehow, I knew it was the right way out. The rest of the enormous room was lined with windows where the sun shone through... but the way out was through that door. The ceiling above the ramp was low... about half my height.

I went down, started to go down. There were pebbles and little stones on the ground, the ones that usually get stuck inbetween the rubber of people's shoes and are brought in. Gravel. It bit into my hands, and there was a wad of gum freshly spat out. I tried to avoid it, but the ceiling closed down lower as I inched downwards.

Then I heard a voice. "That way's locked you know. You won't ever get out that way."

Rain-chan was staring in awe at someone standing up above her. I followed the line of his body from his shiny black shoes, up the black pants and shirt... and it was Hyde. Black hair, short, and looking as he had in the past, seen only in older lives, and PVs like 'Dive to Blue', he stood up above me smirking.

I don't know why. That infuriated me. I yelled at him. But he bore it silently, he watched I looked back once at the doors still lower down, past where the ceiling slanted down so low I was not sure I would be able to slip through... and then I tried to climb out. My hair brushed that piece of gum on the floor and it clung to it. I couldn't get out by myself. Rain-chan just looked dazzled, she didn't notice me.

I looked up at Hyde, I held out my hand to him for help.

I watched his eyes soften, and he held out his to me. I could feel the roughness of the fingertips, and the soft calluses on his palm. He pulled me out, and the hole behind me closed up, and the doors... they were too far away.

There was so much disappointment then I don't even know why. I couldn't concentrate on what was happening. All I could do was turn to the small insignificant details. I yanked that wad of gum out of my hair... a bobby pin came with it. My hair is straight, I wear it loose. Why there was a bobby pin in my hair was insignificant... it was just there. But I flung them both down away from me and watched them fall. The inside of the building was shaded blue... clouds had passed over the sun and the world was blue.

And when I was conscious of my surroundings again, Hyde had led us both out into the sunlight again. He was with us and he was holding onto me like I was a little kid again. He was warm. I hid my face in his neck and his skin was smooth. He held me close and I was safe.

Yukki appeared sometime then. Time blurred for me. He looked like the old Yukki... Honey PV perhaps. But I spoke to him of Otakon, how I wanted so much to hear him speak then.

More conversation. Tetsu. Ken.

But eventually everything left was Hyde holding onto me and I was safe.

Then reality spun and I was lying in a pool of sunlight, in my own bed again.


I think I just realized today that yes, Hyde is one sexy bitch. But I like him and L'arc so much because their music draws me to them over and over again. And really, I'm just not satisfied with what articles and translations and public appearances say, but all the others bits of their personalities that I don't know and want to see. Maybe that's the unsaid wish: I want to be part of their life and have that ability to affect it with my presence.

Not likely that I'll someday become their new best friend though now, right? ^^ Well... I can always dream...


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