Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

*sings* Procrastinating!!

"Her scream was drowned out by the sudden rushing wave of blackness that coalesced around her, the shadows that had been collected forming together into one seamless cocoon around her body, crushing her, choking the breath out of her… Breaking every bone in her body, and then remaking it as it reformed into that of an older woman, fully matured, with raven hair that swept out, the ends reaching all four walls of the large hangar. The loud, full-throated sound of Mistress Nine’s laughter rang out as the cocoon of shadows burst open around her, revealing the dark side of Saturn’s past. The Nameless looked on with a cold smile on her face… now there was only one other that needed to be brought back into the waiting arms of the darkness."

Ah sweet, sweet fanfic. Good ol' SM/GW crossovers. Never will get over how that comes up with the stupidest of pairings, but is the most fun to write all the same. That's what you get when Steph goes digging into her old fanfics to reread and laugh at.


I should be doing that Bio homework.


*sigh* It's not getting done anytime soon. One cannot sit in front of a spanking new computer hooked up to the Internet and expect my willpower not to collapse. It has. Oh but it really has.

*shakes fist at both Bio and English*

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