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Another useless post, (oh dear, my LJ's going to be full of them at this rate...) just to show off yet another  wonderful icon I've foundbecause it's fun and it made me giggle.liraemer is a talented one, yes she is.

On another note, would anyone be able to explain to me what The Best of L'arc~en~ciel cw is?
Or at least what "cw" stands for? ^^;;;

The tracklist I've got is:

1. Brilliant Years
2. Anata no Tame ni
3. I'm So Happy
4. Sayounara
5. Sai wa Nagerareta
6. The Ghost in my Room
7. Metropolis
8. Peeping Tom
9. A Swell in the Sun
10. Kasou ~1014 mix~
11. Hole
12. Get Out From the Shell

And.... yeah. That's about it. ;_; Can anyone help me?
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