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Face the demons...

I have Bujingai.


You'll never see me again.

.....And by never, I mean for the next hour or two. ^^;; I suffer from computer-withdrawal too easily these days. But yes. I have unlocked that press conference. Gackt has his funny moments.

...Sigh. If only he would talk. I have heard him grunt, utter several Link-like exclamations, and yell a couple spell words. ;_; That's not talking.

And! I have cut my hair.

You would never know the difference, even though I lost about a good inch of it. ^^;; It's still the same Steph-hair. Just styled currently in that nice way which I never bothered to do normally because I'm laaaaaaazy. ^^;;

I have also really got the urge to replay every single RPG I own. So you can literally see me play a good hour of FFVIII, then Xenosaga, then FFX, then Disgaea, then FFX-2 and now Bujingai. ^_________^ Yes I love my RPGs. I should add that I throw in a little Zelda here and there too.

And now, on a completely anime-crazy note. I've taken it upon myself to revise my SM/GW crossover fic again. Just some minor alterations this time, fixing a few mistakes I always seem to miss... but... yes. It's getting taken out and aired again.

...That is all.

And oooh Tali's sending me a letter!! Letter! Letter!!! *dances around singing*
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