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Pokemon, chips and FFX-2, Effective Methods of Procrastination

I have a Pikachu. It stares at me, and once in awhile, it takes it upon itself to hop onto my arm, which therefore makes its cheeks start glowing red and a loud "Pikachu?" come from hism mouth. Then it hops off, and resumes its former pose of staring blankly me at me with a goofy half-smile.

I am also tormented. There is a bag of Ketchup! Doritos down there in the kitchen. Have already eaten much of today and have destroyed my tongue. I want more though. But I can't. *petulantly* BUT I WANT IT!!! And then there's that small reason that it's too far away from my computer chair for me to snatch up and devour. It's a conspiracy I think, headed by my mother keeping all goodies far, far away from me.

And then there's that Poetry interview tomorrow. I should start that.


*starts playing FFX-2*

*looks up at clock*


*continues playing, if only to kill another Omega Weapon*


*goes down, gets a drink of water*

*comes back up*

*realizes have forgotten chips*

*is entirely too lazy to go back down*

And so, my night whiles itself away. I am so screwed.

And that Pikachu is still staring at me. I am so screwed up.

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