Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

Hotels have Internet! *squees*

I take that back--not going now. Still here for just the littlest bit while they get the luggage down (and I don't have to! Bwaahahahahahaahaaaaaa)

Anyway. I shall rant just the littlest bit to you. Sleeping in hotels is uncomfortable. It is even more so when your parents decide to blast the AC and you find yourself without a blanket because your sister has stolen them all. But not to sleep with them, no of course not that! but to throw them onto the floor. @.@ I was freezing. And my pillow was all flat and... yeah. Sigh.

And more driving! Wheeee~!!!!

....Yeah okay, driving blah. But I don't have to drive, which means I can be lazy and sleep some of those hours that I did not get to last night. ;_;

Hmmm... going to Chicago today. Am "looking up places to go in Chicago" of course because I am expert researcher. No way would I be interested in non-vacationy things, nope not Steph. And no, she hasn't been hugging her camcorder (on which four special boys are busy prancing around a brightly stage, nope not her) and watching it... >.> <.< >.>

...Oh shut up, I'm obsessive, sue me.

Now I'm busy missing everyone. ;_; This is not fair. And I have to go now too. *pout*

Oh and anyone who can talk to Aya...

Do ask her to pretend she knows me when/if she sees me. Know me as if she's met me before. At school perhaps. Yes that's preferable. She... uh... teaches... math... oO

I don't know. Not coherent. But parents, prod-y like that. *leaves*

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