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One of the Family

I want to hurt my sister. Literally. I work like fuck on my etching, and it looks all pretty and shiny and she wants to look at it, and I tell her not to touch it. AND SHE SCRATCHES IT RIGHT ACROSS WITH HER FINGERNAIL!!! Right across the middle of the plate! I am like to throttle that girl!

And then she has the audacity to act all high and mighty on me telling me how she didn't know, and how it doesn't matter, and that no, no she didn't scratch it in the center...! I have never been a patient person, nor have I been one to just let things slide by. You piss me off enough I start yelling, and then if you dare give me attitude, especially if you are younger than me, you do not know how hard it is not to smash your face in. Not the best reaction, I grant you, and trust me... I've toned it down. It doesn't happen anymore.

But... GOD!

And all my parents have to say about my sister fucking up my etching, is that the picture's hands were too big anyway.
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