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Had another random L'arc-involved dream last night. o.O That'd be the second one. *dances* It was a good dream. I liked it. I felt safe. But stupid memory, already I'm forgetting it.

It was like a continuation of the last one. Another concert... or maybe the same one? No, not a concert, not even a live house. Whatever the case I fell into it, and I fell back into Hyde's arms. Again the same feeling... that there was nothing, nothing I wanted more than to just be there. Not, as I will laughingly say, to go and seduce all four of them and kidnap them away, but just be there. To live a life where I'll be part of theirs and to learn more than just their media façades. Be a friend. Stupid and unreasonable, but this was my dream and I could live it.

Unreasonably, there were tables. Round tables, draped in white sheets and lit candles and set plates where people sat and watched the concert from. My logical mind was confused by this, especially because from where I stood, it was the same screaming, dancing, singing fans leaping for the stage. I was there with them, in the center, in the front. The music played and Hyde sang. Hyde, his hair long like it was the only time I ever saw him in real life, dressed in black, long jacket. He came so near to me, I reached out to touch him.

He grabbed me instead, held me close against him while all the fans surged our way, screaming his name, flailing to touch him. No security guards... it couldn't have been a concert. It couldn't have been real... but I let it continue. I was safe, the other screaming fans, they didn't touch me. They didn't try to pull me away from him, try to take him from me. They only reached out their hands to him, and I listened as he sang for them. He was warm, I could hear his heart beating. And there was just that feeling of being safe. The lights were white. Not all of them, there were colors and the heat and sweat and noise of any other concert... but white lights illuminated us and I was lost in the music.

The idea of Hyde protecting me from stage was ludicrous to me, I wondered at him for attempting it. But it didn't matter. It was like wrapping myself up in my favorite pink blanket. Warm, safe. Details disappeared, I didn't question the surroundings.

The next song came on. I found I was sitting at one of those tables, behind the crowd, the lights were flashing all their colors... horrible combinations under any normal situation except in a concert. They were fantastic. Then one of them leaped off the stage, somehow miraculously making the fans clustered around him clear a path through. I watched as he approached... his hair... it was... long. Long like it used to be... it reminded me of Vivid Colors...

They were playing Trick... how I remember something like that I still don't understand. They were costumed, white lab coats, medical supplies... I had watched the Trick PV the night before... could that be why? He was wearing glasses. He smiled at me, came up to me. They finished the song.

I exchanged words with him, lost as they were in the din of the crowds screams. He heard though. We shared a joke of some sort, I took at those glasses... odd goggle-like things they were with heavy black frames. I stuck them on my face, posed, joking. He laughed, grinning at me. Then he had to go back up onto the stage, he turned, moved away from me.

I grabbed at him, took off those glasses, quite aware in the back of my mind that I wanted to keep them, remember them always, and I put them back on his face. "Can I have a hug instead?"

He did hug me. Then he hurried away, back up onto the stage. And I watched, and I was happy.

Then the world was white again, and I woke up to a soundless, sunny world. Memory melted away the other half of my dream world and I awoke.

Yes, I have strange, pointless dreams. And I'm even worse at putting them down. But if I don't, I'll forget. And I don't ever want to forget nice dreams because I rarely have them. Sooooo... there it is.

On another note, I have more pictures that I forgot to post last time around. Yes, more contraband from Steph. Don't look if you think I'm in the wrong because of them.

Yes. I braved the shrill screams and the flying colors all over again and I caught the crucial moments. The moments when you see the band. Remember! Want. Take. Have.

I have now begun to explode my photobucket account. Cheers.

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