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*dances around and around and around*

Went to the Family Day gathering at my father's workplace yesterday, shook hands with the CEO and vice-president and other countless numbers of people and he was all happy about it. o.O Is that such a big thing? I doubt they'll remember me.


Me: Oooh clown! Giving out balloon animals! Wants! *zooms over, little sister in tow*
(several lines omitted because they were boring and involved Vicki's balloon rather than mine ^^)
Clown: And what do you want?
Me: Kitty!!!
Clown: Kitty, eh? *makes balloon animals*
Little children: *pass by*
Clown: *pelvic thrusties*
Me: oO *blinkblink*
Clown: *holds out animal he is making* *tail is very phallic-shaped* Now, this is a sad kitty. (tail is down) But you don't want a sad kitty now, do you? *grins* *pelvic thrusties again*
Me: *snickers*
Clown: *twists balloon* (tail is up) Now, you have a happy kitty. There you go.
Me: *dies laughing*

Andandand! PICTURE!!! FINISHED!!!! *dances with joy*

I now return you to your sanity.

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