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20 October 2004 @ 09:21 am
*curls up into little ball* School. Schoolschoolschool. *yawns*

=.= I'm tired. I don't know why. I've gotten enough sleep, but the more I sleep, the more tired I get. I don't believe that's a normal thing, is that?

*sigh* School computer. 800x600 screen resolution, everything is so... big. @.@ I don't think I like it. Wrecks LJ's layout like nothing else.

Come to layouts... I am still unable to see mine. o.O There's a picture in the back, I know it. It appears once in a while when I'm not on my own computer. But... um... no, not there...

o.O Since when is a LJ layout so nitpicky about who sees it?

Anyway, I have found that getting a 50 on a physics test doesn't bode well for more computer time. One of the reasons I'm not able to get any more of Shibuya Seven up into my Photobucket account. (You know, if I can even fit them in my Photobucket account now because of those new limitations on free accounts.)

And! I need to continue writing Tali's fic. I don't think I'll get it all to her in time... but I do believe I can get a good chunk of hydexhyde smut to her. *shakes fist at postal service* Evil things not letting me send my package to her on time! *growls*

*yawns* Oh my I need sleep. I've been babbling about absolutely nooothing. Mmm... class soon. No more time to laze. *sigh* *kills physics*
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Current Music: The printer printing.
blankles on October 20th, 2004 01:50 pm (UTC)
euh, I can fix the layout problem. I'm going to be getting my own domain name soon enough XD
Stephaniemirroredsakura on October 20th, 2004 01:53 pm (UTC)
Oooh!! ^_^ Lucky you!

o.O I have completely forgotten the URL to my own website, so I won't be managing to get a domain for myself anytime soon. I'd probably lose that too. o.O
Kagome: Far Away by SAPPHIRA_ANGELkagome_angel on October 20th, 2004 02:13 pm (UTC)
I understand the thing about school. XD It sucks away... EVERYTHING pretty much. ^^ I'm trying to finish Tali-chan's Kyoavi (KyoxMiyavi) fic. I've just STARTED on the lemon. GOD. I HAVE TO FINISH IT TONIGHT! *Cries*

I feel tired a lot, too. Even when I've had enough sleep. I think our minds just get... worn out. Sick of doing the same thing over and over and over again. ;_;

Your LJ layout is being mean. ^^

I hope you get enough rest. When you get home from school, do whatever homework you have to do and then take the rest of the day off. XD You sound like you deserve that very much. *Nodnod*

Stephaniemirroredsakura on October 21st, 2004 02:44 pm (UTC)
^^ I know what you mean. Hope you finished!!! I'm a horribly slow writer, so fics progress slowly for me. Or at least they do now. >.< So busy, only two hours worth of time on computer before I have to force myself to study...

Ah... life is hard when you want a high average for University... @.@
talillama on October 20th, 2004 02:50 pm (UTC)
*hugs your body* My ex was like that. I get like that too, sometimes. To fix it, I drink lots of water, don't eat bread or any heavy food, and force myself to only have 6 hours sleep. Makes me feel better, anyway.

SMUT FOR ME! It's okay if it's late, as long as you have SOME smut to tease me with on my bday ^.^ WHICH IS SOON! weeee.
Stephaniemirroredsakura on October 21st, 2004 02:42 pm (UTC)
*writes frantically* This'd be so much easier if I actually had the fanfic in front of me. But I'm in the school library, not at home, so I'm not exactly sure how it's to begin. Oh well! As long as nobody looks on my screen and reads hydexhyde smut, I can manage!

Happy birthday most lovely of Talis!!
ceets: Ed~ So seksaycomettail on October 21st, 2004 12:02 am (UTC)
x___x Wah, I think it's weird, a bunch of people at my school today was exhausted... I think it links to the weather (since we live so close! XD)... I've never felt so tired in just one week of school. I can't believe tomorrow's only Thursday. x_x Mya, I hope it /is/ the weather and that you'll feel better soon! <3
Stephaniemirroredsakura on October 21st, 2004 02:40 pm (UTC)
@.@ Tell me about it. *shakes fist at weather* It's the kind of weather that if you wake up, you get a bleeding headache. I don't sleep in late enough to get one thankfully.

But... I found last week more horrifying. Something about a shortened week makes the entire rest of the week seem longer. =.= Oh well. Sleeep.
(Deleted comment)
Stephaniemirroredsakura on October 21st, 2004 02:38 pm (UTC)
^____________^ *hugs you*

YOU GET A THREE-DAY WEEKEND?! WHAT?! asdfj;wlkejf;lkjsdf!!! I want a three-day weekend!! That would mean fanfic, j-rock and FOOD!

^_^ Lucky girl. Use that time wisely.

And when I say "wisely" you had better be online doing happy fangirly things.