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*curls up into little ball* School. Schoolschoolschool. *yawns*

=.= I'm tired. I don't know why. I've gotten enough sleep, but the more I sleep, the more tired I get. I don't believe that's a normal thing, is that?

*sigh* School computer. 800x600 screen resolution, everything is so... big. @.@ I don't think I like it. Wrecks LJ's layout like nothing else.

Come to layouts... I am still unable to see mine. o.O There's a picture in the back, I know it. It appears once in a while when I'm not on my own computer. But... um... no, not there...

o.O Since when is a LJ layout so nitpicky about who sees it?

Anyway, I have found that getting a 50 on a physics test doesn't bode well for more computer time. One of the reasons I'm not able to get any more of Shibuya Seven up into my Photobucket account. (You know, if I can even fit them in my Photobucket account now because of those new limitations on free accounts.)

And! I need to continue writing Tali's fic. I don't think I'll get it all to her in time... but I do believe I can get a good chunk of hydexhyde smut to her. *shakes fist at postal service* Evil things not letting me send my package to her on time! *growls*

*yawns* Oh my I need sleep. I've been babbling about absolutely nooothing. Mmm... class soon. No more time to laze. *sigh* *kills physics*

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