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^^;; I think the only thing worse than having your parents mad at you is having them be disappointed in you. I suppose I deserve it for being a dunce. Stupid Test!Steph and her lack of logic. ~.~ *kicks* But eh, done is done.

.....Parent's Night is tomorrow isn't it?

.....Why couldn't my school's Parent's Night be stormed by a horde of vampires led by a peroxide-bleached-haired, British bad-ass Spike!vampire so that they might eat a few teachers? *sigh*

And... *stamps feet childishly* I want to play Chain of Memories!! ;_; It's teasing when I have it and can't play it... and when I am playing it, I don't exactly know what I'm doing because I don't speak Japanese.... o.o

Who cares! Bed time! *dives for blankets*
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