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Just to reassure all...

I am still alive.

....I think.

After a week-long study grind with little-to-no access to... well... anything... I don't have a sense of self anymore. I sat there in lunch today looking at my feet and trying to mentally calculate the projection of my feet onto the floor if my feet were lines and I was doing 3-D geometry all over again. o.O Rather frightening.

But! Physics test tomorrow. *is frightened*

And! NaNo? Don't make me laugh. I haven't had access to anything other than Physics and/or Geometry (bits of Art ISU due tomorrow? Haven't started, can't even mention it because parents would force me to drop it). 2500 words. And there's... eight more days? Seven? *snicker* Nope, I type fast, not that fast.

One other thing. We've started the annual decorating-of-the-Steph-house already. ^_^ It looks pretty. Makes me like Christmas.

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