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Oh my fucking god.

I have not slept in over 26 hours.

And it's still going. It's morning. There's a bloody sunrise outside my window. And I can't go back to sleep. Because if I do, I will never ever wake up again.


Did I mention I currently have long curly hair? o.O

It's the asian showing I think. A random impulse to put on wig/fake hair. So there it is in all its craptastic glory on my head.

I do believe I'm going to school like this. Except for the fact that I look like crap.


Right. School. That art booklet is due today isn't it?

Ah, academic failure, old friend, we meet again.

...Whoever thought I could be so cheerful when sleep-deprived and... well... insane? But I am! *whistles a merry tune*

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