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Dancer and... *thunk*

^__________________^ IT'S COCOA-CHAN'S BIRTHDAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!!

And! Today--yesterday? was a good day. An actual Steph day. You know, the days when everything turns out quite well for you in the end.

...Up till the point where I lost the new Exodus cd (Utada) that Vicki had bought me for Christmas without even listening to it once, probably at that restaurant. Ugh, it's gone. And it was all shiny and Japanese and.... imported. And... less expensive than you'd expect.


But! My list of presents is getting increasingly shorter.

...If, I don't end up keeping the good majority for myself. ^^;;;

Does anyone have space so that I can upload some pretty scans of the January 2005 Fool's Mate? You know you want pretty Gackt! *waves him at you*

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