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I finally have a apicture of finished Mana. ^^;; Well... a good picture of finished Mana. He didn't look quite so good as a blurry picture taken with a crappy digital camera.

And... um... yeah. Am working on Sephiroth again. Or at least... I'm supposed to be. I thought I started hours ago. I found out I was playing The Urbz and reading posts at Pieces. Oh god.

Anyway, I'm looking for another all-night painting regime I think. I want to get a good chunk of him done.

Wait. Isn't a storm due? Like... now? Why is my dad driving to Toronto in what everyone says is going to be a really big storm? o.o *worryworry*

Waaaaait... is that the garage door? Is he back? *blink* Or am I hearing things again?

...Guess I am.

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