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All right, so I'm a day or so off. I don't care. ;p

Anyway, Chinatown trip yesterday. Bought stuff. Day is complete. ^_^ (o.O Although when I prodded my bowl of noodles, the meat was still rather uncooked. I think I should just learn to stay away from meat floating in my soup.)

Ara... got my passport picture taken *snickersnicker* and I look like a drug addict. More so because I was wearing dark eyeliner and no glasses.

And... let's see. Oh yes, there was a deer! *mind boggles* We were passing by UTM (because my parents oh-so-subtlely want me to go to a school close by) and there was a deer. A live one. Standing there. Staring at me.

Then I drove past. But... but... you don't find those things in people's driveways!! Especially not when that driveway is right along a very, very big road with lots and lots of traffic... o.o

Oh. And on another note, I don't think I'll ever become a waitress. Stupid bitchy family. Stop bothering waitresses and just go home. Your little boy doesn't need to hear you cuss at the poor girl who can hardly understand English, much less your mangled version of the language.

Nya... cutting out pictures again.. ^___^

Oh by the end of this school year... I will have printed off... everything. Everything.... *___*

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