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Because I saw Rain-chan's entry on "AMERICANS ARE DUMBASSES", one could say I rather missed the point (although I DIDN'T!!!) because I went right to sheezyart to register for an account. ^.^;;;

And... now I really have to wonder at the grade level these people are at if, the moment after I register, I get the message: Your are now registered. We have sent you a verificasion E-Mail; Please check your E-Mail to continue to the next step. Please note that it may take a few minutes to receive your E-Mail.

...Your are now registered? Verificasion?

*goes on looking for this forum thread she talks about*


And the fun bit is, that I'm not offended by it and other people's stupidity. Well... I was. After reading the first few posts, but after that it all got so ridiculous I can't help but get sucked into the flow of things, because really, who gives a shit? The thread was started out as flamebait to begin with, and people responded to it. It wasn't meant to be a serious discussion, and it wasn't.

People can be stupid online. I just make it a point of not-caring who they are, or what they say. ^_^

The "pokermons" comment did do it for me though. *laughs self silly*

*pacifies Rain-chan with a candy-coated Hydesicle* Just remember. People are stupid. You can shoot them with as many e-machineguns as you want, but they keep coming back. Like bacteria. o.O You just have to learn to avoid them. Like the plague.

...That made absolutely no sense, did it?

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