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It's Mali's birthday today, yes it is! ^___^

...All right, so I'm a bit late, and I'm not entirely sure if her birthday is over now in her time zone.... but... I STILL RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WISH HER HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOW! ^^;;

And... I am almost done her present! -_- It's your own fault you know, if you tell me about your birthday late last night! ;p

I AM ALMOST DONE! Hopefully done by the end of tonight if I can finish and get it scanned in. If not, by tomorrow, definately. ^_^

And... happy Valentine's day all. It is a big day. A really, very much important date. Hallmarks the day before all the yummy chocolate goes 1/2 price and is sitting there for the purchasing. Yum. This is also why Easter is a good day.

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