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I said I would...

...and I so did. Hah.

Yeah, I'm bored. Nothing much to do in a last-period lunch. o.O

What is your full name? Stephanie Helen Tang, Deng Ai Ying, Dhung Oi Ying
Single or taken? Taken.
What does your name mean? Well... I've heard "crowned", "daughter of God" and also "Hellspawn" Take your pick. o.O
Nickname? Steph, Stephy, Teddy, Haiphy (o.O Is that still being used?), Mira (apparently spawned from the "mirrored" in my "mirroredsakura"... I don't question)
What color are your eyes? Brown. They glow if you're not careful. They change color when you look away. I swear. >.>
How tall (or short) are you? Uh... 5'4"? Something like that.
What is your worst quality? Indecisiveness, procrastination, greed, slothfulness... I could go on. Steph ain't a very good person once you get down to it. ;]
What's your hair color? Uh.... black-brown-red-goldish. I don't know. It was like that before. Became a bit more goldish and less of the red when I added those stripes of highlight stuff. *eyes them*
Do you wear contacts? *shrug*

Favorite Drink? Mango juice. Yummy.
Favorite alcoholic drink? Um... I've been craving a strawberry daiquiri, does that count? I can't think of a favorite.... o.O
Favorite Month? JUNE. Beat my awesome birthmonth, you can not!
Favorite Food? Um... sushi. No. Potstickers. Dumplings. Yum. Can eat those forevever.
Favorite Board Game? I... hate board games. If when I do play however, I always seem to win at Monopoly--and I don't pay half as much attention as I should because I usually play with a book in my hand. *shrug* All the better for me I suppose.
Favorite Clothing Brand? Mishmash. Everything. Winners is love.
Favorite Day of the Year? June 129th. One guess why. One guess.
Favorite color? Red. The nice, deep, rich kind of red, not the ugly orangey-red kind. Blech. Goes very nice with black.
Favorite Animal? Uh... cats and horses. Then there are dogs and... and... squirrels and... fuzzy things and.... hell with it all, I like animals. All animals. Yes, even those bug-eyed fish that come swimming to meet me whenever I pass by. Greedy little bastards, begging for food that they are, I rather appreciate them coming to me, rather than swimming away at the sight of my face through the glass. ~.~

Family and Friends:

Do you have more girl friends or boy friends? Probably a goodly amount of both. Boys are fun. Talk is usually straight-forward. Girls are fun. Talk with boys is sometimes too straight-forward. I don't need to know the exact measurements of your penis, kthanxbai. ~_~
How often do you get together with the family? My family? All of my family? Uh... never? We're scattered very much across the globe. See a couple of them relatively often though.
Do you tell your secrets to your parents or your friends more? My mum. I actually do. She (usually)has no one to tell, and besides I know when she's kept her mouth shut. And she usually does. I don't get the same feeling of security with friends. I don't know why. I just don't. A me thing. Bad me thing, but Steph not good with talking, so it's usually better to keep mouth shut.
Siblings and their ages? One. Little sister. She's... er... o.o I don't remember. In grade 9. ^^;;;

Do you...:

You dance in front of the mirror? Regularly. There's a mirror right beside our DDR pads in the basement for heaven knows what reason. Nowhere else to put it I guess. I deal.
You sing in the shower? Uh... if I shower? And I don't shower, I bathe. So. No? I sing everywhere else though. o.O Balances out I guess. How many of you can say you started singing L'Arc's Metropolis in the middle of a math test? :P
You like Britney Spears? Don't mind her one way or the other. I'll admit I used to. In... 7th grade... o.O Don't mind her much really. Steph not good with strong feelings, no.
You get your way? I'm a pushover. But surprisingly... yes. When I really try.

Have you ...:

You seriously hurt someone? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Uh... let's see. Suspension for fighting, check. Flirting with homophobic women, check (one of them vowed to become a--wait. None of you are hearing that story). And emotionally? Possibly. Aidan was a bastard, but I assume he still had feelings.
You been hurt seriously?I regularly trip and fall down the stairs. And everywhere else. Hazardous, yes, but I haven't come out of it battered and broken yet. *knocks wood* >.> Would be a hell of a time to be wrong.
You cheated on a test? Never said I was honest. What was MC 1? Anyone? Mari?

Right Now:
What are you wearing? Like an elegant vampire, I wear the darkness.
What color are your pants? Pin-striped. New color.
What are you listening to? The wonderful silence of the absence of freshmen squealing. -_-;;
How are you feeling? Sleepy.
What are you doing? Killing as many trees as possible.
What are you eating? Flesh and bone.
How many people are online? The stars glitter infinitely.
How's the weather? You know you've gotten boring, when...
What's on your mouse pad? Old gum. This is high school. Had to happen.

Women Only:

How many lip glosses do you have? One. The times when I put it on, are also the times I have to take it off minutes later. Usually not worth the effort.
What perfume do you use? Don't usually. Only body spray I have came from the body shop 6 years ago and it's still almost full. *shrug*
What's in your purse? My wallet. Change. Jack Skellington (he came off the zipper! ;_;). Metroid. Whatever I've managed to purchase that day.
Tall or short boys? Do I care? I like men.
Blonde or brunette guys? No preference. They all shine prettily in sunlight. Unless of course it's not clean. Then that's just... disgusting.
Good or bad boy? Whoever can match me.
Long hair or short hair on boys? I don't judge my taste in men by the length of their hair. Generally long. But, I cannot say a long-haired Ken appeals. *shudders at mental image of an even more unkempt Ken)
Boxers showing? At least I know they're not starkers underneath those very loose jeans.
What do you find annoying in a guy? Clinginess, chauvinism, bad hair.
What's the first thing you notice about guys? Their looks. *shrug*

Guys Only:

What kind of cologne do you use? OMG SEX!
What's in your pockets? SEX YES OH BABY AWESOME!
Blonde or brunette girls? YES YES YES!
Tall or short girls? HOT FUCKING DAMN.
Piercing on girls? FUCKING ORGASM MAN!
Long or short hair? SHASEI!!!
Good or bad girl? GET OFF! GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF!!
What do you find annoying in girls? H077 S3X!!!

(Don't ask, and I won't tell...o.O;;;)

What was the last movie you watched? Kagen no Tsuki. Pretty. Very pretty.
What are you hoping for? Rose petals showering down from the dueling ground above.
Have you ever fallen asleep in school? Of course.
Tell us about that scar? Years have passed on while you lie there...
Where's your favorite place to travel? One guess.
you were a crayon what color would you be? *shrug* Pretty.

[Edit: last part of said quizzy thing that I didn't finish because I was on a school computer and needed to catch the bus.]

Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Daddy. Wanted to know how the Chem test went o'course. As per always.
Are you too shy to ask someone out? Come with me, and lead a life of freedom and chains.
Relationships or one night stands: Er... somewhere in the middle. I'm not good with long-term relationships. They make me nervous and boundary-pushey. Not good Steph.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla. Definitely.
Do you want your friends to write back? Pen to paper, people. Or... finger to... keyboard?
Who is most likely to respond? Shigure-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaan~!
Who is least likely to respond? ?? The As. But that's an obvious point. They deleted their LJs. -_-;;
What did you do last weekend? Death is only the beginning.

And... ahhhh... the feeling of no more tests. Sure, Bio has a quiz tomorrow, but who cares about that? *relaxes, finally*

*mourns the inability to do so last weekend when Bonnie Pink was in town*
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