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One would think you would never find anything interesting to do in a tired-out house on a plot of tired-out land in the middle of nowhere, but I suppose that is without the added fun-factor of your twin 27(or was it 28?)-year-old cousins who are more insane than any other people I know. And considering the people I know, and hang out with on a regular basis, that's certainly saying something.

Oh, what is there to say? Well, the car ride was near hell. We own a small enough car as it is, and then we go and cram an assortment of parents, grandmother, and two sisters into it, along with the inevitable backpacks, purses, lunchboxes (my sister and her bottomless pit of a stomach), pillows (again with the sister), and large fluffy winter coats. Anyone who knows me knows my big black winter jacket. Take that, multiply it by five (heck, multiply it by a lot more, my dad's is much, much bigger than mine) and you've got just the jackets that have been crammed into my car. And my mother (who gets to sit in the front) goes and asks me why I'm so odd as to have my body contorted into the oddest position in an attempt to avoid my sister's (who's sleeping) flailing limbs.

Get there at around ten, ate (since they own their own yummy jammy restaurant, I get to rush into the kitchen in the back and have the new waiters at the counter in front stare in confusion as we ignore them completely, and their attempts to find us a table), and then rush off with (yes, yes I think I will name them all...) Sibyl and Sibley (what is it with people always naming twins with matching names?), Jason (Sibley's husband), Sarah, Jesse and... John? Jake? Hrm... well, and someone else... to the movie theatre and watch Paycheck. Oh, and my sister came along.

It was an impressively done movie, having found myself sitting beside Sibyl, and finding out she is a Ben Afleck fan, and the two of us being as loud as we can possibly be, and as crazy, while my sister (sitting on other side of me) goes and pretends she doesn't know who either of us are. Even though I've seen the chinese version which came first which meant that I aleady knew what was going to happen. We narrowly avoid some sort of fight between the two of us, and some other guys sitting behind us (what else am I supposed to do when he commences to kick the back of my chair at a fast staccato pace other than yell at him to stop it?) if Jason hadn't charged up from his spot near the front of the theatre with Sibley to yell at them too? And Jason, being 6'5" and an avid weightlifter makes an impression.

Then, we come home at around two in the morning (Mum wasn't too happy with that I don't think... she stayed up because she was worried about us, and I know for a fact she needed the sleep too..... I can't do much to make her not worry I guess), and watch anime till about six in the morning and I realize that the rest of them are all asleep.

The next day comes the proverbial shopping, and off we go to South Park (mweeheeheee) and... well... shop. And I will say this again, this time for all you people's benefit instead of my family. Americans and their flag! You'll never find a single store without three (or more, obviously). And their wonderful stereotypes about us Canadians. I lost count of how many times I've been asked whether or not I lived in an igloo, whether or not I say "aboot" and "eh" every other sentence, and if I own a pet beaver. The fun thing is, is that I'm quite sure they were serious. No one can get that particular light of thirsting for information if they weren't serious.

Then we're off back to the restuarant where I shuck the all-American glitzy glam (and that was only in the afternoon... sigh...) that I was forced into (only my cousins could make my father accept me walking around in a short skirt and flashy shirt even if it was in the middle of winter--hey it was both sunny and warm!!--and drag me around the entire city to show me and my sister off) and put on the black-and-white waitress uniform to go and sit behind the bar. Well, nver let it be said that any of the relatives I have on that side of the country border liked to follow the rules. That is, not letting an minor serve alcohol.

And then late at night, they go and take us along (me trussed up in a little black dress studded with little black gems... how does one keep such things from riding up on your thighs? ARGH!! Spent half the night smoothing down my skirt) to a nightclub. I've heard it said, and I've laughed over it, and now I believe it. Being asian really does fool people into thinking you're 18+ when you want them to. Vicki didn't show up this round obviously, she couldn't act the part, and she would more than likely spill the secret to the parentals and then where would we be? That, and the fact that Jason's friend is the bouncer, we got in fine--and for free. Will say this again though. Cannot dance for shit. No one believed me when I said this, and even afterwards, when I'd fallen over on top of somebody because of lack of coordination/balance, they still didn't seem to believe me. After that, more anime till... well... I don't think I went to sleep... hrm...

Then I go home the next day. Another... I don't know how long... forever... and I wake up to find myself at an outlet mall (in the RAIN!!) and we go out and shop. Now I like shopping. I like shopping with my parents, they have money with which to give me to buy many expensive things. But... it was raining. And I was tired (sleeping in the car will do that to you, especially when you've been jarred awake by your sister bounding over you to get through the door). And I wanted to go home after two nights of sleeping on a floor to my scrumptiously comfy bed. And I don't. Not till three in the morning.

But other than that! Had fun. Mother thinks I hate her now because I haven't been spending as much time with her, but isn't that the point of visiting people? To hang out with them? Ah well.

And that concludes the Vacation!! post. On with our regular lives.

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