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-.- I... am kind of tired having my father bitch about not knowing what the hell I'm doing. About school and applications and the like, I mean. I know exactly what I'm doing. It's not a crime to take things my own pace. I know quite well when the due date is, while you, on the other hand, do not. No, none of those applications that I put in today mattered in whether or not I get accepted into any of the schools.

Do not ask me what the hell I'm doing when I'm writing up my references. Yes, I know what I'm doing. Yes, I am still in possession of my mental faculties, thank you very much. Yes, it fucking hurts when you hit me, haha, funny, yes right, go.

...I have reasons for doing things the way I do all right? Sarah might not have a prestigious title to go as a reference, but if/when they call her, she's more likely to spout necessary good-sounding bullshit about me because she knows me, than your drunk-assed, crappy-martial-artist, casino-going, money-grubbing, womanizer Senior Engineer who's now on my references. Who also doesn't know me except for when I told him he wasn't doing the form right when I was teaching Tai Chi. Thanks.

Bah. I thought I was done with being upset and anger-ey. I was quite ready to be all light-hearted yay, no school. Apparently that's out of the question. I'll be better tomorrow. *nods*

Sarah, are you still willing to come University-hopping with me next week? Anyone else?

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