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*prods mouth gingerly*

Right. So. Watched The Grudge last night--and when I say I watched it, I mean I watched up 'til the music got creepy, then dived down into the blanket and had to ask for summaries of what happened from my sister/mother who were facing the screen. ^^;;; What can I say? I'm a wimp. I freely admit it.

...Then I didn't sleep until the sun rose. Wasn't frightened per se... just... didn't sleep. o.o

Had Vietnamese noodles for dinner today which means whee--up until the point where I found out there was bits of a dishwashing sponge (the stringy green part) stuck in my mouth from eating the meat. -_-;; If I die, you'll know why.

Computer so ungodly slow. Does this stop me from downloading/burning DVDs? Hah!

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