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I am confusion. ^_^

My layout... looks horrid upon viewed in 1280x1024 resolution. But once you get it, it's so hard to go back... everything is so large and... glaring... >.<

And now my layout looks horrid.


OH YES! And I had the best dream last night! Or at least the best dream I've had in a long time.

...*scuffs feet* Okay fine, yes it did include Hyde. But not Hyde, it was HYDE. Er... the solo bit. I think. *is incoherent*

Anyway, I was in a concert, again, because obviously that's where beautiful men throng. But, considering the craziness that is my mind, said concert took place in the Waterloo lecture hall that I nearly fell asleep in yesterday, that was conglommerated with Iroquois Ridge High School. You know, opposed to the one I actually go to. o.O How bizarre.

I think the first bit that made me happy (besides being there), was the fact that the opening song was a cover of... well, I forgot a few seconds after I woke up, but it was from Moulin Rouge. HYDE. COVERING. MOULIN. ROUGE. SONGS. *dies beautific death*

After that came normal songs. I was wallowing in my nicely-chosen corner of Cloud Nine.

And then! It got better. There was this slab of gray rock, low enough to lean your elbows on but wide enough so that if you stretch out your arm, you can barely touch the other side. I was on one side, and Hyde came prancing along on the other side (he was Otakon!Hyde of course. I can't picture any other Hyde at the moment as I'm thinking very hard how to make his costume) and then he stopped and looked at me.

I was being the most realistic me I ever was in the dreamworld, and I stared slightly slack-jawed at him, when he was almost four feet in front of me. He smirked at me. I held out a hand to him.

He. Touched. My. Hand!

. . . Silence, all. I can see you rolling your eyes at me! I do not doubt that if this had been real life, you would have been in giddy shock, even if you barely know him/like him.

In any case, that made me even more goggle-eyed. Not squeaky-shrieky, I don't usually do that, that comes later. But he pranced off.

And when it ended, I realized there were stupid people in the audience talking about how much a waste of time it had been, how it sucked, blahblahblah. Interesting bit? They were yelling this at Hyde, who happened to be... there. (Shrug, I don't question my subconcious) He was yelling stuff back at them, grinning. Can't remember if it was lighthearted, it could have been, on Hyde's part. The boys were there just to be stupid.

Of course I joined in. Talking commenced. Dream!Steph squeed. Then hit the stupid white boys who were trying to pronounce "bukkake" and failing miserably.

Then I was herded out of lecture hall and into that... large hall thing in Iroquois Ridge. Dream!Steph was confusion, greatly.

But then the worse thing happened!


And... my dream melted, actually melted around me. And I was stuck in that dizzy, slightly fuzzy state of being. Two seconds before I jumped out of bed (how I don't know) with my eyes still shut tight (to keep from burning in the direct sunlight) as I darted downstairs to my mother, collapsed on the couch, and said "I just had the best dream in the world" *flop* *sleeps some more*

Mother: . . .
Mother: *covers Dead!Steph with blanket, goes back to watching show*

And that was that. Incoherent and stupid-sounding? Sure, but it's two in the morning, and I didn't get a good 15 hours worth of sleep today. (Not that I usually do, sigh)

Saw Constantine today. Good movie. Gooood movie.

. . . I like that I had to explain to the people behind me that no, they weren't "just makin' shit up", Jesus did have a bloody long spear jabbed into him. Apparently Vicki didn't know it either. Le sigh.

But. Gooood movie. Take THAT Female!HalfAngel!Gabriel!!

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