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^^;; Now, I like fangirls. I am one, like it or not.

But... sometimes I wonder if some of them deliberately act stupid, because I once in a while wish I could just grab them by their IM-text-made-flesh shoulders and SHAKE THEM.

It's very akin to the Pieces frustration. Except in real-time.

She's a sweet girl, sure. But... I am perfectly aware that Hyde's nipples are sexy. I have seen them (not) often enough for myself. Yes, I know that bulge in those pants is big. Yes I know he used to have long hair like a girl. Yes, he has wife! *gaspshock* You mean he even has a KID?! You fount of wisdom, you!

...Admittedly, this post would never have come into being if she hadn't also mentioned that "Yuhkiheero is soooooooo ugly, he shdnt b inda badn!" ~.~ I like Yukihiro. >:[
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