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Hmmm.... good day, bad day?

Good day, I finished chem project in time. Shall (hopefully) stave off miserable academic failure for just a little while more. Bad day, I stayed up a good portion of last night to do it.

Good day, no Data class! Bad day, didn't do anything in said class except schmooze in hall. Fell asleep in hall. Was accused of being a corpse by strange passerbys. o.O Silly little children...

Good day, New World PV out! Downloaded on school computer! Bad day... said school computers don't like playing things longer than a few seconds, before they get an internal error and must be manually shutdown and rebooted.

Good day, printed off manga/doujinshi. ^.^ Bad day, accidentally opened up accidental gay sex in front of unknown academics and teachers. Immediately went into uber-art student mode and commented on the depth of emotion. Shyeah. He's having sex with a hot violet-eyed Tsuzuki. He'd better be happy!

Good day, went home, pretty much went almost straight to sleep. Slept for several hours. Mmm... Bad day, rudely woken up for feeding purposes, and forced to do Data.

Bad day, doing Data. Good day, avoiding Data by updating LJ, albeit not at own computer.

Good day, typed up list of L'Arc files. Bad day, Mozilla died a discreet death, taking list with it. Worse day, realized that many of Steph's files are missing. *angsts*

Good day... Steph is in a happy mood, regardless. So... end result, today was not a bad day. ^_^

Hmm... and when I'm done some of this Data stuff, I think I'm going to go back to own computer and screenshot New World because it calls to me to do that. Compulsive screenshotter. Can't help it. ^_^

Latest thought: Draco!Hyde is very hot. Unoriginal thought, but that's Forbidden Lover's influence for you.

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