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Right. So... I caved and decided to write the 30_kisses series of fanfic.

Dad just left for Charlotte, he'll be back tomorrow, but that means that for just a little bit, I'll have a reprieve. ^_^;; I really shouldn't but I am rather... tired. =.=;; Exhausted I refrain from using unless I have not slept for three days straight. Any more than that and it's called death.

So... am on Dad's computer as I can't go on my own, so no typing up contents of hard drive for Steph! (o.O Is it weird that I like making lists? Nahh...)

...Biology now, I think. I'm hesitant to view my current fanfic as... sane. 'Cause it's really not. After all. Since when is HydexHyde a reasonable pairing? I will do my best to make it so.
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