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*is shocked and appalled and ready to slaughter*

All right. I. Am. Furious.

This person, who calls herself: ۼڇښڰ added me to MSN, and proceeded to talk to me.

Okay... so I talked back. Seems reasonable. Lots of people seem to be adding me lately. ^^;;

But... I keep talking to her, and eventually the conversation turns to Malice Mizer. Now I'm not that good with Malice conversations because I don't really know a lot about the band, relatively speaking. So I was going on about wanting more pictures, because that's what I am, I like whoring pictures!

And then! She says "oh dun wrry, i have sum!" she then proceeds to send me a fanart she did. Well, I recieved it, and when I opened it...

*kicks desk* It was MINE. And not that it was a fanart of the same picture, that'd be ridiculous to be mad about. No, this was my fanart! As in... I drew, I scanned, I posted, fanart!

LOOK!Collapse )

*cries* It's mine, it's mine! You can even see my scan lines! And then when I proceeded to yell at her about it (mixed in with a bit more swearing than I've used together in a long time >.<) she dared, she actually dared to tell me that it was hers and I was a dirty liar because HER IMAGE WAS BIGGER!!

I... don't know what to do. She signed off after a slew of "u fcuking bitch!!"-es and etc. and I proceeded to block her and delete her. It just came to me a few minutes ago that I should've saved the conversation or copied down her email or something (it was something awfully generic like ilovestarses or something), and I feel stupid. But... I can't really accuse her of art fraud or something just as is, can I? >.<

*breathes* Right. Rant. Done. :jdf a;jkfld fask;lfjasdlfk jsd;jsdlkj
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