Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

I have braids in my hair. Lalalala~

I have my dad back safe and sound. Lalalala~

He's not very happy with me and is disappointed in having me for a daughter, but that's okay because he is entitled in the face of my stupidity. I appear to have caught dumb and made stupid mistakes upon doing Data. Data, for gods sakes. >.< Moron I am. But I know I know all of this stuff. So it's all okay. Lalalala~

I opened my locker today and got hit hard on my head by a big black thing falling on me. But I caught it and saw it and went O.O!! The KnT box is beautiful, yes it is. Thank you so much you Sven/Jonnith hybrid-of-names-that-I'm-not-certain-of-which-to-call-you-still. I really don't deserve it. Partly the reason why I haven't opened it. >.<;; Lalalala~

Speaking of, your Christmas present is still your Christmas present. Yours, not mine. If you're going to make me keep the stuff you've given me, please do the same. Even though it was nicely symbolic and made me cry. ^^;;; Lalalala~

Haven't done Chem lab. Haven't studied for Biology. Did a few questions on Data. Braided hair. Talked on MSN to New-Girls-From-Pieces-Who-Don't-Know-Where-Things-Are (not that I mind usually. I like helping out.) Tried to work more on Tali's naked!chained!branded!Tetsu, but the only things I like so far are his hair, his left arm, and his penis. The rest needs work. Lalalala~

Also tried to work on Chris-chan's naked!orgasmic!Ken. He's... very sketchy right now. And the paper got slightly crinkled (>.his</i> penis defeats normal proportions. >.< Not that you'd likely mind if I left it that way I'm sure, but I'm certain Ken isn't really "hung like a horse" as the Americans so elegantly put it. (o.O;;;) Lalalala~

After that random, slightly pointless, and slightly higher-than-PG-13 post, am going to bed. Will hope to remember that Mari asked for help with lab tomorrow morning. Must not forget and collapse in dusty, forgotten corner of library. Must remember. Lalalala~

...Should stop singing now. Sound like freak. V. v. bad.
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