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In a moment (hell, around an hour) of induced narcissm, sister and I indulged in dressing up (actually, that came later, after the first 100 or so) pretty and prancing around her room. I resized three of me, and sat there thinking, "Ooh... I actually look pretty...!"

Not very often I think this, I tell you. But I wanted to show off my just-unbraided hair. It has returned to its normal straight-and-shiny glory (*snicker*) and won't have anything damaging done to it for a long, long time.


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Steph took picture of self in parents' bathroom. No real reason for the odd setting other than the fact that I was there.

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Sister's room in a cozy bit of sunlight. ^_^ With a gigantic stuffed Pikachu. Can't get any better than that!

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And then we decided to dress up, and have a "girly hour". And we did. And I put on my lilac slip dress that I never wear. And then my hair fell in my face.

...The End

These are the only ones I had time to resize... I will fix more tomorrow, because Vicki is one of the cutest/prettiest girls in the world (in my ever-so-biased-older-sister opinion) and she lets me dress her up. ^___^

Uh... right so Chem.


And... could somebody who's on Forbidden Lover(from Pieces)'s MSN please message her and apologize for saying "EEK! BRB!" and then never coming back on? Steph was dragged away from computer-with-MSN and forced not to be able to return. >.< Same goes to Mari, except she's more likely to read this. Sorry, sorry. ^^;;;;;;;
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