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*is tired*

*snatches moment to post attempted doodling and bits of stuffs for Chris-chan and Tali*

I distinctly recall telling Rain-chan about
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I am also quite aware that one eye is darker than the other. But I scanned it in already before I noticed and I don't want to wrastle with my programs and my scanner all over again just to fix it...

Then there's the
Image hosted by
Who has too many teeth for his own good, and his face still needs loads of touching up, but... he's got the workings of a pretty good expression on his face once I get through with it.

Lastly, there's the
Image hosted by
Sketchier. I didn't want him looking so anime-esque and yet he looked more and more anime-esque every time I tried to change it. o.O I need some sort of reference picture.... but I can't find any offhand! I have to go dig through my Tetsu file and find one. >.<

...Hang this "not being able to come online" business. I'm coming online. People had better be online. ;_;
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