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Now that's more like it!

You're Stephanie! You're clearly in denial of being
Asia, the largest continent in both number of
people and cats. You must be very proud of your
accomplishments, including gunpowder and chow
mein, not to mention taiwan stainless steel.
Where would we be without your cheap resources
and almost free labour? Not mining many heavy
elements without the quality mini-flashlights
you provide miners, that's for sure. Fortune:
That wasn't chicken.

Which oakvillian are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Whee! Have been recognized! *dances in pure glee* Despite the fact that I have never been in denial of being asian. I am Asia you fools. Bow down before me and all the illegal [insert item that will more than likely be found in Chinatown here] I bestow!
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