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Once upon a time, Steph's friend made Steph a Draco Malfoy plushie to give to Mari. It was very cute and adorable and happy. Steph skipped around naively through the neighborhood, as she brought it home.

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And then... when she was least expecting it.....

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The HORRIBLE, AWFUL, CRUEL, UNJUST, EVIL, DAMNED FIEND OF A DOG that belonged to one of her neighbors, snatched at it. And before her horrified eyes, DESTROYED IT with its great ugly teeth!

Steph was shocked, appalled, and mournful. There never was such a one again. (Until Christmas last year, in which Caelin gave Steph a new Draco Malfoy plushie, complete with matching Harry Potter, but that's another story ^_^)

HOWEVER! Such a thing could still not be believed! It was a disgrace to Draco Malfoy plushies everywhere!

So, for my poor deceased little present of a Draco Malfoy, there is...


Image hosted by
A fitting end, I think.

(That last one was an old one. But as I drew the first two today, I think I'm still good. ^_^)

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