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=_= There is no end to the number of days I curse having to stay in school an extra semester. Especially after I've gotten my acceptances from two universities already, and which I'm assuming the other will follow. Only thing I can think of doing is getting high enough this semester to get a higher entrance scholarship into the school (once I.... pick a school...) but even then, I would still make more if I got a job.

...Or maybe not. Heaven knows I like to spend money. o.O;;;; *thanks Sarah profusely over again for her helping me buy Gackt*

*grimaces* That'll make a lot of money that I'll owe people. And not-counting the money I'll owe myself having spent it all. o.o Bank account goes "Poof!Vanish!" soon.

I bought sunglasses and a skirt on a whim yesterday. I plan to wear said skirt. Not the sunglasses yet though. But they're fun and I like them. Then I came home and realized that Hyde has similar glasses. o.o At least in eyewear he has good taste, though I can't necessarily say the same for his taste in clothing. (*was watching the third disc in the KnT platinum box where he's wearing an abysmally bright, green, furry, puffy, jacket*)

...New girl at Pieces. She has my name! mirrored_sakura indeed! ~.~ If she turns out to have the same avatar as me, how will I ever tell the difference between us when we post? *grumbles*
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