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^-^;;; Um... people who aren't interested in a spew of Steph-garble, keep on scrolling.

Okay, here's the thing. I'm just going to write it here because then you have absolutely no way of reading it ever, because hey, you avoid LJ like the plague. All the better for me. I am tired of you. I'm sick and tired of being the one you need to hold your hand whenever your mother scolds you, when your father ignores you, when you fail to land that last basket, when you don't get that goal, when someone says something mean to you at school. You're turning twenty-fucking-one, you don't look to your friend three years your junior when you're in tears because that girl you like forgot your name.

I'm tired of watching your sad, sad attempts at pretending how much you like Gackt and Hyde and L'Arc just because I do, and how you try so hard to act as if you're a homosexual, just so you can glance surreptitiously over your shoulder as if seeking my approval. Yes, Nessa broke up with you. Deal with it. I've said it before--you started dating her, and suddenly you grew both a spine, and apparently a penis, considering how you constantly propositioned everything on two legs that has breasts. Now she's left you, and you're back to being a cringing, whimpering little puppy dog.

And no, I am not going to date you. Yes, even if you look like Hyde. I honestly don't give a fuck how you look, considering the idiot you're being. Just because you're now single doesn't mean you instantly have to latch onto the closest girl you see. Just because I'm now single doesn't mean you instantly have to choose me. Your attempts at being endearing just... aren't. Gah.

I really don't know how to put frustration into words. It's just... ugh.

And then the fangirls. I reaaaalllyyy don't like naming names, because I don't like hurting anyone. But as far as I know, none of them are on my f-list (and vice versa) and besides, I won't name names anyway. I've grown rather tired of them too. Yes darling, Hyde is a very pretty boy and yes the Evil Eye tape is a really nice watch, especially on your first time, but I don't need to listen to your entire spiel about it for nearly an hour. I don't entirely care for the specifics of Hyde's measurements through your observations. I don't need to know that he has a slimmer waist than yours, or just how much prettier his eyebrows, his nose, his eyelashes, his eyes, the color of his eyes, the texture of his hair(--how can you deduce the texture of his hair anyway if you've never run your hands through it?)... just... no.

I'm also beginning to be sick of the same questions over and over and over again. By the same person too, I might add. "OOOH have you heard the Jyojyoushi clip it's so pretty!!!!" or something like that. Again and again and again. In the same convo. My goodness.

Just a little frustration. It'll pass. I regularly enjoy helping other people and uploading stuff for them and sending them stuff. But I largely dislike waxing into the stupidity that most of these conversations turn to. Girls, finding Hyde attractive, even in his early indies days, does not automatically require you to reconsider your sexuality. I've had the same conversation about Mana. Godsall.

*breathes* Yeah. Pointless blather. Onto better topics of posting. Gackt's Black Stone PV.

...I want that truck.

...Yeah, okay and his hair. I don't know why most of the girls are kicking up such a huge fuss about his hair. I like his hair. Long hair is pretty, especially on pretty men. *shrug*

And I want to make an icon, but I've fiddled with the text for so long and it still doesn't look right and I'm sad. *pout* This is what happens when Steph-who-can't-do-anything-artsy-on-computer tries to do something vaguely artsy on the computer. I'm pathetic. ^-^;;; *shrug* Can only get better, I suppose.
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