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Steph is green.

A lovely shade of nauseous green.

No Mum, those over-the-counter drugs did not work. I will not say I told you so. *curls up in little ball and hides face in tail*

Because now would be high time to have a large fluffy tail.

On the upside, Hyde and Megumi are now having sex. So I consider this progress. I am getting somewhere. In my own roundabout Steph way. Because I can do foreplay. It's just the follow-up that gets difficult.

Fanfic, ladies and gentlemen. Still the fanfic. Just in case I need clarify.

Side-note: Steph's Pieces/Sekiray avatar/signature is pretty now. *hugs Selah-sempai (as I believe you've been so dubbed ^-^;;) happily*
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