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I was prompted

Firstly, thank you for enduring my previous "I hate the world and the world hates me!" post, and for all your attempts at cheering me up. Including Alex who I was sure had dropped off the face of LJ from her lack of postage.

Postage. Did I just say that?

Secondly, I was suddenly presented with three DVDs-full of Inu Yasha (that don't belong to me, but pah!) for my watching once exams are over from my sister who saw I wasn't happy and tried to cheer me up. I was given money for Chinese New Year. Which obviously translates to purchasing. And then obviously, to owning. What can I say, I'm a material girl.

Also, Sarah's response has prompted me to draw up lists on the best things about each and every one of you. And since Sarah spawned this idea in my mind, she goes first.

Reason's why Sarak R0X that I can think of right now, the list is clearly longer then this and will be added too soon enough:

1. She's crazy enough to cheer up anyone in a slump

2. When us lower beings are stupid enough to lose/not do/accidentally drop art assignment onto portable vesta when clearing the kitchen table and watches as it burns away merrily, she's there to keep us from failing ever so miserably

3. She's Jesus.

4. Only she could invent a hypothetical Asian converter machine.

5. Only she can consider Chinese Bible study a usable excuse.

6. Half the time she's more asian than me.

7. She's really pretty.

8. Self-confidence. Lots of it. Otherwise she wouldn't be nearly as crazy.

9. She firmly believes that the universe revolves around her. Which, after spending a semester's worth of biology classes with her, I just have to agree.

Edit (She's convinced she's oh-so-very humble.)

10. She practices Asia.

11. She is "so pleased!" over every little random thing that comes her way (i.e. Drug Safety books, sharpened pencils, sleep-deprived Steph)

12. She can flip through her (dare I even call it a notebook?) the morning of and come out of a test with the highest mark in the class.

13. She's usually very honest when one complains about something (i.e. the crappiness of their mark) and more often than not, that's better than a whole lot of comforting nonsense (not that that isn't appreciated too of course :D)

14. She has this strange way of attracting crazies (Mole, Swanky).

15. She can appreciate anime, manga, doujin and cosplaying for its full value.

16. She can defend her own opinions and be able to back them up, but she can also understand and usually accept the other person's point.

That's it for now! Next up! Mari.

... Tomorrow.

I'm going to go and soak in my bathtub. Then study some more. Then sleep. Seems like a good plan. Except I'll probably not study, and end up doing Mari's list anyway by the end of tonight.

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