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Finally took pictures. Not very good pictures as it's not a very good costume. But hey, good enough for me. ^-^;;;

It's not really good, and it's not really finished either, so if you can help make suggestions, that'd be great. ^^;; I was switching around some stuff. Normal clothes stuff because I, as a rule, am very bad at sewing. Thankfully Caelin is not so she helped me make the vest. Which is a happy happy thing. ^-^

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First pair of jeans, first black shirt (the red and the vest are here to stay). Full. My attempts at cropping out the toilet bowl were a bit fruitless.

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Back/side. Kind of. My sister nosed off at this point so I was left with a camera and my lack of flexibility. Back. Does anyone remember how the back of this outfit was supposed to look like? I completely forgot.

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Still the first shirt and pants, side.

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Second shirt and pants, side again.

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Last one. Second shirt/paints. Side.

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And just because. In the middle of trying to take a picture of the shirt, I ended up taking a picture of... my face. And I appear to be asleep. *snerk* That's me, always napping on the job. @.@;;

What else. Oh right. Other stuff. I saw an exact black wristband which I'm going to acquire somehow, and I'm sure I can find the chain bracelet(s) somewhere.

I'll eventually get the hair (hopefully, I kind of don't know how to do stuff with hair), and I've got pretty sunglasses that are going to be worn because I want to, and the jacket. And (a)necklace. But those I can't seem to find. I know I have them. They've just gone *pwoof* somewhere in my house. *grimaces* Bother. Must go look.

Or nap. I'm so tired.
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