Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

And so we continue...

All right, so I didn't do Mari's list last night. I didn't study either, but that's beside the point. I merely lazed too long in my bathtub, nearly fell asleep in there when sister bangs on door to hurry up and get out (I ignore her) and then my mother bangs on the door to hurry up and get out (I ignore her) and then my dad comes, tells me I have five minutes to hurry up or come out or else (hmm... *translates*) he'll hold my room hostage. Or something along those lines. Yes. I speak the asian good.

Anyway, the point is, by the time I got out, computer's been shut down (too lazy to boot it back up again) and so I go to sleep. But now, here it is.

Mari, black-haired goddess extraordinaire... and this is why!

1. She's one of the few blondes I know who can dye their hair jet black and still look so amazingly cool.

2. She's well... she's Lucifer. Lucy. Her and Jesus go way back. 'Nuff said.

3. She has this uncanny ability to figure that she failed miserably on an essay/quiz/test, and do amazingly well on it which we all shake our fists in jealousy of.

4. She too practices of the Asia.

5. Flabberjibbet is truly the answer to all things.

6. She's got a flaming spatula! She can make brownies with it! She is goddess!

7. 10-year-old Mari had NC-17 on computer as opposed to the rest of us who start reading fanfic in and around our teenage years. Not to mention a few more in conjunction with smut.

8. Little Mari wrote slash. Wow. And it was unintentional slash too!

9. She can be classified as both a cat and a bear and some also other sort of fur-bearing animal, like an ermine.

10. She "mer" 's.

11. Her wrists are of the best coat-making material. Must clone and make many many reproductions of her.

12. She's exceptionally good at making others read slash no matter what their age. (i.e. My little sister. Yes, yes it's official. I found slash on her computer. And it was not in my file.)

13. She's also very good at keeping others from failing miserably at English tests for want of study. (And/or the lack of reading the book at all, which was the case of No Great Mischief.)

14. Only she could have her English teacher walk past while Sarah's patting her breast and saying "Good ol' Mari's breast" and find it funny instead of humiliating. Well, her and Sarah.

15. She's read so much HP fanfic, you can merely quote something as odd as... well... hmm... a cold-blooded piece of toast and she'll know where it's from. (Bad example. Heck, I know where it's from.)

16. She falls daily from the light into the darkness.... incidentally to be with Jesus.

17. She's married. To Sarah and Laura. Several times. Ah the dedication.

And... that's it. For now.

Next up! Alex!

Later. Me go study. *sleeps*

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