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Sarah colored it for me!

Mmm... gah, it's a bad thing when I've stopped caring entirely about Data. And when I don't make an effort to get things in on time. Like me as much as she wants, she still shouldn't be able to hide the fact that I haven't handed in the project that was due.... two weeks ago? Or my RAT stuff which was due... last Monday? *cringes* That last bit is "forgivable". My computer died. *knocks wood* Or so I say. >.>;;

But the project? Reeaaallly need to get that in. *grimaces*

On a happier note, Steph is writing fic! Kind of. Sort of. She's petered off a bit. Happens a lot when she's just finished posting the first chapter of something.

[Edit]: My sister is cute. Yes. Yes she is.
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