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I'm restless and I'm slightly despondent, and Pieces refuses to function on the very day I actually want to read the thread that Ryu-chan brought my attention to. (This then led to my head connecting with the desk at my own ignorant dorkiness, but that's besides the point...!)

So, because I was listening to this song, and singing along (and sniffling because I'm sick damn it, and I dislike being sick!), I decided that other people should listen/watch it too. (Watch, because I don't have the MP3--and if anyone did could someone send it to me? Please, thank you, much love.)

Andy Lau and Kelly Chen - Wo Bu Gou Ai Ni

They're for the solo version while you're going to listen/watch the duet, but it's basically just a repeating of the same lyrics. Not a problem to follow through with. ^^

我不夠愛你 (獨唱版) (劉德華)

我想我不夠愛你 我不曾忘了自己
沒那麼全心投入 所以會一敗塗地

我想我不夠愛你 我忘了你的勇氣
沒辦法重來一次 也只好聽天由命


因為寂不寂寞 都會提醒我

Wo Bu Gou Ai Ni (Du Chang Ban) (Liu De Hua)

Wo xiang wo bu gou ai ni Wo bu ceng wang le zi ji
Mei na me quan xin tou ru Suo yi hui yi bai tu di

Wo xiang wo bu gou ai ni Wo wang le ni de yong qi
Mei ban fa cong lai yi ci Ye zhi hao ting tian you ming

Bu neng zai mei you yue liang de ye li
Ye bu neng qing yi de bi shang yan jing
Yin wei ni hui chu xiang zai tian kong huo xin li

Bu neng zai yi wang wu jin de di fang
Ye bu neng zhuan jin le yong ji ren qun
Yin wei ji bu ji mo Dou hui ti xing wo
Wo shi qu le wo bu gou ai de ni

I Don't Love You Enough (Solo Version) (Andy Lau)

I think I don't love you enough, I've never forgotten myself
I didn't give wholeheartedly, so I suffered a crushing defeat

I think I don't love you enough, I've forgotten your courage
There's no way to try again, so I can only resign myself to this fate

I can't be in a night without moonlight
I also can't close my eyes easily
Because you will appear in the sky or my heart

I can't be in a place where the horizen stretches as far as the eyes can see
I also can't drill my way into a jam-packed crowd of people
Because lonely or not, it'll all remind me--
I've lost you, whom I didn't love enough

I hope that someone will like the song. It's pretty.


Malice Mizer - Societe de Parente Show
Anyone want?

I would also like to point out that I may be a greedy little brat, but I am not selfish, nor am I self-centered. I just wish I could say the same about my little sister. I don't think she (or anyone else in this house) realizes just how often she makes me cry. Over the littlest things. The littlest, littlest things. >.< I'm such a stupid idiot to care so much sometimes. ;p

*twirls* SOMEONE had better reply and tell me what they thought of the song otherewise I'll be a very, very sad little kitten!
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