Stephanie (mirroredsakura) wrote,

I can't tell the difference between snow & hair anymore... there's about the same amount on my head.

Snow day! I'm grateful for it since I wasn't actually expecting it to be one, and considering the Halton Board's hatred of school closures. Now I actually have time to study for that World Religions exam. Heh, and to think of all the sleep I lost last night trying to study (and all the while wanting some sort of food) and all that work I had to do for my Art exam. Ah well, I've only got to worry about one exam now I guess.

Besides that....

Come on babe, why don't we paint the town..... and all that jazz?

Yes, I watched Chicago. Again. There's something about that movie that makes me want to be a star. Whee! *dances crazily... not a pretty sight, Steph honestly can't dance* *belts lyrics*

Anyway, like I promised, here's Alex's list! You know, this has actually made me start posting on LJ everyday. I am impressed, aren't you?

Things to Remember about Alex, our girl with the X-Acto knife in one, a paintbrush in the other!

1. *sings loudly* Sociopath! Sociopath!!

2. She continues to claim that her hair looks "so goddamned awful" when we're all staring at her wondering what's so bad about being beautiful.

3. When she says "I swear, I'm gonna give you a hairclip for Christmas!" she means it.

4. She does her best to understand where the hell we're coming from in terms to anime by at least attempting. And we succeeded! Slightly. Alex + Kenshin = Progress.

5. Her ways of zoning out of the conversation when it turns to storytime that includes a mass of tentacles and sex. This usually includes her cd player, her headphones on, and music blasting in her ears. Oh, and she starts dancing to it in her attempts to ignore us.

6. She's always up for trying new things.

7. She's the broody one, even though she's actually not broody.

8. That's some sweet Gesus.

9. She'll say something, notice us smiling, agreeing with her, then she'll turn red and screech "NOT LIKE THAT!!" when we hadn't thought of anything of the sort.

10. She'll stick by people, even when she knows they're wrong. Admirable.

11. Didn't agree altogether with slash, but accepted it, just for our sakes.

12. She likes putting her friends in fanfic.

13. She doesn't show her exasperation whenever I start "botherbotherbother"ing her about World Religions or Art or Bio...

14. She's married to another Alex. It's fated. And she remembers that she's married to him. Ah, acknowledging your husband, the first step to a long happy life together.

15. Her absolute obsessiveness about Peter Pan.

16. She's got this skill of just disappearing. One minute we'll be sitting there talking, we turn to talk to someone else, turn back and... where did Alex go? Someone points to the door and we see a mere glimpse of her backpack before she disappears entirely.

17. The fact that she's amazing with a pencil and a piece of paper should go without saying so we won't even have to mentio--damn. Ah well. *shrugs* She's amazing with a pencil and a piece of paper.

And that's it! You know who's coming now. Ally!!

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