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Steph wrote fanfic today!

As in... actually wrote more than a few paragraphs. She wrote 4000+ words. :O :O :O

*is proud*

Despite the fact that once I get over the "Eeee I am accomplished must post now!" I'll probably read over what I've written and go "asl;kjfa;wleifajsdfa it was all crap!" (and then keep it anyway >.>;;)

MSN and AIM refused to work for me today. As in... I sign it... and it says I'm signed in, but oh will it let me talk to anyone? No, no, no, not a one. Grah.

....That is all. ^^;;

(Well, actually there was originally more, but my brain has died and I have recieved a calling. My bed wants me. I cannot say no. *yawns*
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